June 5, 2009

Hello and Welcome!

Hello, reader!
Welcome to my first full-fledged blog. I just gave the last exam in my Bachelor in Engineering (I.T.) graduate course last week and am feeling free and relieved. My experience with the Mumbai University syllabus and education system was a mixed bag and I would not like to recount even a bit here. Though I must mention one thing, "Aptitude does not necessarily translate into good grades" here in Mumbai University. (Many of my more illustrious friends and bloggers will testify to this fact.)
My posts will mostly be tech-based - although I will be providing links to my other programming blog(s) (if at all I make one) as and where necessary. So you must not be caught unawares anywhere. You may find my posts inclined towards some major topics (Google, Windows 7 maybe), so I'll try to categorize them for ease of reading.
So, that's it! Hope you have an enriching time at this blog and Happy Blogging!

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