July 2, 2009

Exciting Table Tennis - Paul Drinkhall vs Jorgen Persson

Yesterday afternoon, I was lucky to watch one of the best table tennis matches I have seen - Paul Drinkhall vs Jorgen Persson. Hold on, I don't follow table tennis much - I was just browsing through TV channels when I saw these guys on ESPN.

Jorgen Persson is a Swedish player, a 43 year old veteran of the sport playing since as early as 1983. In complete contrast, Paul Drinkhall is a 19 year old bright British talent, a National Champion in every eligible age group in the country. The contrast was evident, both in gameplay style and swiftness - but the range of shots is simply superb for both.

Enough of background, just enjoy the video of the match. This video shows the highlights, I had watched the entire match replay on ESPN. This video is good enough, though!

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