September 7, 2009

Mumbaikar Chirantan Patnaik sets unique gaming world record

A 26-year old Mumbaikar from Napean Sea Road has set the world record for playing the longest non-stop session of the popular PS3 game GTA IV (Grand Theft Auto 4). The previous record of 28 hours and 1 minute was broken by a long way with a huge 40 hours and 20 minutes. The record has not been made official by Guinness as of now, but the entire attempt was streamed live on the gamer's blog.

However, what takes the zing out of the feat is that the competition does not require one to be seated in one place all the while. Breaks of 10 minutes are allowed every hour for eating, etc. With such laxities, I am sure many hardcore gamers may have already accomplished the world record feat, though their feat will never be official. Any ways, hats-off to the guy Chirantan Patnaik as on-off gamers like me can never even dream of playing non-stop for 40 hours, leave alone 5 hours!

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