October 9, 2009

Mohammad Rafi's 'Meri Mehbooba' remixed

This is an audio clip that I recorded about a month ago when I was on my way to Mumbai Central on a Churchgate-bound slow local from Borivli. I was listening away on my T10 when this 'band' of three came along. Their loud 'music' added to the general noise and rendered my T10 useless as I could not hear a single note through my earphones. That is when I decided to record a nice little sampling of Mumbai local 'music' using the T10.

The number played out by the 'band' is "Meri Mehbooba", the Hindi lyrics and other details of which can be found here. Sung by Mohammad Rafi and composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal, the Mumbai local version I present here is a very different take on the original.

I could have presented an audio clip here, but the problem with Blogger here is that audio clips can be uploaded as they are. So I combined the original audio with a bland Slumdog Millionaire picture (that's how uncreative I can be!) to produce a video clip instead. So put on your speakers or headphones or earphones and play on for some Mumbai local 'music'.

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