May 2, 2010

Why ask for sunshine? Why ask for rain?

I awoke this morning with a strange thought (strange enough to be a morning thought!) - the last 7 years of my life have been spent learning tech! My mind raced back to the moment I chose to take up Science with IT as a vocational subject in Bhavan's College. That was way way back in June 2003. And then, I thought about the moment I stepped into St. Francis Institute of Technology to become an IT engineer. What was I thinking?! It turns out that I wasn't thinking at all. And it has been the same for me all my life. The moments I wasn't thinking have been the moments that have shaped my life.

What you may have surmised by now is that I am one of the '3 Idiots' - discontented, grumpy, self-pitying individual who just wonders now why the hell he took up engineering when he knew there was a better alternative. The truth is quite the opposite! I can hardly imagine myself working in any field other than Computers. Maybe, math was a better choice and I am a good photographer too. But at this stage, I can safely say I am blessed. Your life is nothing but the sum of the choices you make, and I am glad I made the right choices every time. Maybe they were not the best choices (one of them was not even a conscious one!), but all-in-all the tech life which I lead is good.

Making the right choices to shape your career is not always easy. You need to do your homework, ask questions, look for answers and hope for the best. But, once you make your choice, you better stick to it no matter what and give it your best. Else, life will be tough and you will be left asking for some sunshine and some rain!


  1. Anonymous2/5/10 17:26

    Indeed true !!! One should be responsible for his own future and shouldn't have regrets later in life ..

    Life will become mundane and dull, if everyday was a party or we never had to work for some motives.

    Guru says Lolz... !!!

  2. Anonymous9/8/12 05:02

    Good blog buddy liked it - Yogesh Mhatre